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Locally called Magic Carpets

Family-run business

Welcome to Magic Carpets, our family-run business! With over 50 years of first-hand exposure on making and selling of oriental rugs, you've come to the right place to find the perfect carpet for your home.

Being a family-run business means you can put your trust in our enterprise, we in turn put all our time and passion into making this the best, most varied and fastest shopping experience for our customers.

Rugs, carpets & home decoration

Our store offers thousands of quality hand-made rugs from the Orient, as well as modern machine-made carpets in a wide variety, contemporary as well as timeless designs. We add products consistently to our catalogue. Check on us often for the latest.

Visiting our Marbella store, you will find an inventory of +5,000 rugs and carpets in a diverse range of styles, sizes, designs, colors and textures to choose from. From very small pieces to XXL 6x4 metre salon rugs.

Ships from Europe, worldwide

Located in Marbella, Spain. We are shipping to a whopping 91 countries and seek to expand to even more destinations.

If you decide to visit us in person, apart from seeing the entire catalogue in one place, you can get further services such as our professional rug and carpet cleaning. With available pick-up upon request.

Ultra-Fast shipping

Orders are received and processed immediately, our team works 24/7 to package and send parcels without delay. So that you may have your rug at home as soon as possible.

You can find specific shipping dates for every product at the bottom section of the product's page. With further development this will also reflect time to destination in your home country.

We love rugs and carpets

One rug can change an entire room; with the right rug you can bring extra comfort into your home while creating the perfect splash of color with this woven art.

If you can't decide, send us a message on our Instant Messaging applications, we will help you with the selection process to find the perfect fit for your home or office.

The best website experience

This website was built from scratch with the best user experience for rugs and carpets in mind. Searching, finding and even discovering new designs is a breeze now, and will be even nicer as the website gets even better.

As part of our continuous development and integration, we love to receive messages about the things you liked, the things that need improvement, and any idea or suggestion you may have. Feel free to send us a message about it at any time.